Social Media

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Yes, Social Media is the big thing.  Five years ago, we didn't think it would catch on, thought it was a waste of time / effort. We were wrong!  Social Media is important, and required if you're targeting all markets / potential clients.

Do you have a Facebook page for your Business?  How about a LinkedIn Page? Do you use Twitter or Printrest?  If not, you're missing a really big segment of your market place.

We can help you set up these accounts / business pages to showcase your business. What you post on your blog will be automatically sent to these pages. Once the accounts are active, keeping them current depends on you.  Your blog is important, and keeping it updated...once a week, twice a month, will become a "habit" you'll look forward to!

We can also help you set up a Constant Contact account and create a customized template. Keeping in front of your clients and asking them to share your information is a fabulous way to keep your business on the tip of their tongue!