About A.D.T.

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The truth be told... ADT started, well, by accident.  In the life before Computer & Network Specialists, there was time to design clothes, paint, draw, express yourself artistically.  Once CNS took off, that stopped. That passion was tucked away, Computer & Network Specialists needed attention to thrive and grow.

In 2002, new (start up businesses) starting asking where to find someone to create logo's, brochures, media kit's, websites. It was a natural progression, and the business "went vertical."  Website development and graphic design was added to the services of Computer & Network Specialists.

 In 2010 we decided to give the design side of Computer & Network Specialists it's own identity and American Design Team was born. Scott is the programming guru, Sandi loves design, and Michelle loves both sides.  Jeff is the senior network engineer of Computer & Network Specialists, however, his programming skills are stellar, and we also pull him in when we have an over-flowing platter.